Business Hours

Monday 11am - 10pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 11am - 10pm

Thursday 11am - 10pm

Friday 11am - 11pm

Saturday 4pm - 11pm

Sunday and Holidays 4pm - 10pm

Buffet Hours


Monday to Friday: 11:30am - 1:30pm


Monday to Sunday: 5pm - 8pm

Orders over $25

5% OFF On Cash Pick-Up

Delivery Charge $2.00 Within 3 km

Orders $40 to $49

Free Spring Rolls (3)

Pick-Up & Delivery Only

Orders over $50

Free Chicken Fried Rice

Pick-Up & Delivery Only

We accept Cash, Debit, Mastercard and Visa for pickup.

No Debit on delivery.

Prices change without notice.

Some dishes may contain nuts.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you soon!